Schaarsbergen Member

Formal (Bakker et al. 2003).
Lithological description

Grey to greyish white, yellowish brown to greyish green fine to very coarse sand, gravelly, (slightly) calcareous. Local channel fills (near the top) and horizontal stratification.

Depositional setting

Fluvioglacial (including proglacial sandur; stratified sand), sub-/proglacial (tunnel valley, kame, esker), locally glaciolacustrine. Crystalline gravel and flint have a northern provenance, which may be masked by reworked fluvial gravel.

Definition of lower boundary

Generally diffuse transition into fluvial sand.

Definition of upper boundary

Sharp contact with till (Gieten Member, Drente Formation), gradual transition into fluvial sand (Kreftenheye Formation).

Thickness indication
Up to about 55 m.
Geographical distribution
Northern Netherlands, northern and central part of the Dutch North Sea.
Regional correlation
North Sea: Molengat Formation (defined and mapped in conjunction with the British Geological Survey; Laban 1995); UK: part of Wolston Glacigenic Formation (McMillan et al. 2011); GER: similar deposits in the Lower Rhine Embayment are classified as 'Sander' (Klostermann 1992; Braun & Thiermann 1981); BEL: not present.
late Middle Pleistocene (Saalian).
B40A0132 (Schaarsbergen)
Depth (thickness) AH:
0 - 51.25 m (51.25) below land surface
Origin of name
Named after the village of Schaarsbergen, in the eastern Netherlands.
Previous name(s)
Molengat Formation.
Reviewed by (date)
Wim Dubelaar (2018), Sytze van Heteren (2019).
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