Delivering your own data

Do you have subsurface data that you want to make available via DINOloket? Below you can read about the possibilities.

First of all, it is important to know that DINOloket shows data from both the DINO database and the Dutch National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO). You can deliver data that is not part of the BRO to Geological Survey of the Netherlands. These data are then included in the database of the Geological Survey and available at DINOloket.

BRO data

Do you have data you want to make available? For the delivery of data which fall under the BRO we refer you to the information for data suppliers of the BRO (in Dutch). These data are specifically those collected by administrative bodies or on behalf of these administrative bodies (also referred to as ‘source holders’). Examples of data registered in the BRO are data from groundwater monitoring wells, groundwater level dossiers, cone penetration tests and data from various borehole research.

Other data

If you have subsurface data that cannot be included in the BRO, they can often be registered in the Geological Survey's DINO database. In this way they are available at DINOloket and we have a better idea of the structure of the Dutch subsurface.

Is it specifically about data from borehole research? Then read here what you need to pay attention to.

For other delivery procedures and questions, please contact our service desk: