Web services

Besides the possibility to view and download subsurface data and subsurface models on DINOloket, there are also various web services in particular for a number of types of data and models that are part of the Dutch Keyregistry of the Subsurface (Basisregistratie Ondergrond or BRO).

SOAP web services

Would you like data in your system automatically? That is possible. Connect your system to the SOAP web services (Dutch) of the national facility.

REST web services

Organisations that want to view public data quickly, can use REST services (Dutch) from the BRO. This is useful to request a small set of registration objects. There are also visualisation and correction services (Dutch) for the BRO.

3D web services

A number of BRO data and models are available as basic version 3D web services (API interface for ArcGIS compliant with OGC standard I3S, Dutch), making them extra easy to load into your GIS system. The development of BRO 3D web services (Dutch) compliant with other OGC standards, such as 3D-Tiles, is being explored.

Other option: PDOK

On PDOK (Dutch), datasets from the BRO are available with basic information (kenset), but also as a full dataset (Atom feed).

Other: OPeNDAP

For REGIS II, GeoTOP and NL3D (Dutch) there is an OPeNDAP server (Dutch) available to request NetCDF files.