Beegden Formation

Formal (Westerhoff & Weerts 2003).
Lithological description

Grey to bluish grey fine to very coarse sand, mostly non-calcareous, gravelly. Stacked fining-upward cycles. Greenish to bluish grey fine to very coarse gravel. Mostly non-calcareous, slightly to very sandy. Local boulders up to 1.5 m diameter. Subordinate sandy loam and clay layers. Locally, loamy top layer is similar to the Wijchen Member (Kreftenheye Formation).

Depositional setting

Fluvial (Meuse) sourced in the Ardennes and northeastern France.

Definition of lower boundary

Common coarse gravelly basal lag in Roer Valley Graben. Generally sharp contact with multi-coloured, micaceous and gravelly fluvial sand (Sterksel Formation).

Definition of upper boundary

Commonly exposed at the surface. In the central Netherlands, diffuse contact with fluvial Rhine deposits (Kreftenheye Formation). On the Peel Block and in the Roer Valley Graben, sharp contact with finer aeolian and local river sand (Boxtel Formation).

Thickness indication
Up to about 40 m.
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
North Sea: not present; UK: not present; GER: Meuse part of the Tegelen Schichten (Klostermann, 1992), the northeasterly continuation of Kosberg, Crapoel, Noorbeek and Simpelveld members; BEL: Geistingen and Maasmechelen members of the Lanklaar Formation.
late Pliocene - Holocene.
Depth (thickness) AH:
0 - 17 m (17 m) below land surface
Origin of name
Named after the village of Beegden, in the southeastern Netherlands.
Previous name(s)
Merger of Veghel Formation and upriver parts of the original Kreftenheye and Betuwe Formations (cf. Doppert et al. 1975).
Reviewed by (date)
Wim Dubelaar (2018), Sytze van Heteren (2019).
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