Patch Formation ORPA


Derivatio nominis Named after the South West Patch, a shoal in the central North Sea.
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well A17-01 (pdf)
  Location N 55°01’11.4
E 03°39’29.4
  Depth 2717 to 3013 m
  Length 296 m along hole
Definition Grey and green-grey, silty claystones containing a few thin sandstone beds and some thin, brown, intercalated dolomite beds.
Upper Boundary It is overlain conformably by the sandstone-dominated Buchan Formation.
Lower Boundary The formation overlies the Caledonian basement nonconformably.
Distribution Currently, only known from well A17-01 (see pdf) on the Elbow Spit High.
Age Palynomorphs including genera such as Hystrichosporites, Retusotriletes, and Ancyrospora indicate a Givetian to Frasnian age.
Depositional Setting The formation has been interpreted to be a floodplain and limnic deposit.
References See References Devonian and Lower Carboniferous

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