Z3 Carbonate Member

Formal (NAM & RGD 1980). Amended (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1994).
Lithological description

Brownish, slightly argillaceous, dolomitic limestone or coarse-crystalline dolomite. Locally oolites and stromatolites occur within this carbonate Clark (1980). Anhydrite beds occur frequently intercalated in the carbonate. In the upper part it may contain thin claystone beds. In the fringe area the member can become sandy.

Depositional setting

Shallow marine carbonate, platform/ramp setting.

Definition of lower boundary

The top of the Grey Salt Clay Member is the base of this member.

Definition of upper boundary

The base of the overlying Z3 Main Anhydrite Member forms the upper boundary.

Thickness indication
Usually between 10-35 m and up to 249 m.
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
UK: Plattendolomit Formation; GER: Plattendolomit; BEL: Z3 Carbonate Member.
late Wuchiapingian.
Depth (thickness) AH:
1283 - 1327 m (44 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
1870 - 1875 m (5 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
4418 - 4435 m (17 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
2720 - 2736 m (16 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
1974 - 1989 m (15 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
1712 - 1720 m (8 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
2584 - 2592 m (8 m)
Origin of name
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Mark Geluk (2017).
Clark, D.N. 1980. The diagenesis of Zechstein carbonate sediments - In: Füchtbauer, H. and Peryt, T.M. (eds.): The Zechstein Basin with emphasis on carbonate sequences - Contr. Sedimentology, No. 9, Schweizer-bart’sche Verlagsbuchh., Stuttgart, 167-203.
NAM & RGD 1980. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands. Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap 32, 77 p.
Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P. 1994. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands; revision and update by RGD and NOGEPA, Section D, Permian. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst, 50, 1-42.
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