Brabant Formation

Formal (NAM & RGD 1980). Amended (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1994).
Lithological description

Sequence of limestones, marls and claystones. The entire succession is generally sandy, and the sand content increases towards the top. West Netherlands Basin: calcareous sandstone bed is found at the top of the formation in the most complete successions. Roer Valley Graben: youngest deposits of the formation consist of oolitic, algal limestones. Achterhoek: youngest interval consists of dark-grey to black, calcareous claystones, following a succession of marly and sandy carbonates.

Depositional setting

Periodic very shallow-marine conditions, separated by periods of shallow- to moderately deep-marine deposition.

Definition of lower boundary

Base of the first limestone bed of a marly succession, resting on the claystones of the Werkendam Formation.

Definition of upper boundary

Uconformable contact (in complete successions) with the variegated siliciclastic deposits of the Nieuwerkerk Formation or the Breeveertien Formation. In some inverted settings and in the Achterhoek the unit may be succeeded unconformably by the Chalk Group, the Lower North Sea Group or the Middle North Sea Group.

Thickness indication
Up to 184 m (LEK-01).
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
UK: West Sole Group; GER: Dogger Group; BEL: -.
Bathonian - earliest Oxfordian.
Depth (thickness) AH:
1787 - 2154 m (367 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
1507 - 1746 m (239 m)
Origin of name
Named after the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, where the most complete succession this formation is found.
Previous name(s)
The British term ‘Cornbrash’ has previously been used for the sandy limestone intercalations which are typical for this unit.
Reviewed by (date)
Sander Houben (2017).
NAM & RGD 1980. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands. Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap 32, 77 p.
Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P. 1994. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands; revision and update by RGD and NOGEPA, Section F, Lower and Middle Jurassic. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst, 50, 1-20.
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