Rijnland Group KN


Vlieland Subgroup
Premise Definition after NAM and RGD (1980)
Derivatio nominis Named after the polder authority Rijnland in the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. NAM and RGD (1980)
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Vlieland Oost-1 (pdf)
  Location N 53°17’22.2
E 05°04’17.6
  Depth 1522 to 2246 m
  Length 724 m along hole
  Reference NAM and RGD (1980)
Definition Group of argillaceous (and some marly) formations which may contain sandstone beds at the base and, locally, similar coarse clastic intercalations at higher levels contiguous with the basin margin.
Upper Boundary The Rijnland Group is often intercalated between Triassic, Permian or Carboniferous deposits (below) and the Chalk Group (above) on Jurassic highs and terraces. Along the southern margin of the West Netherlands Basin its top is marked by greensands that form the basal beds of the Chalk Group (Texel Greensand Member). The top of the Rijnland Group can also consist of greensands (Spijkenisse Greensand Member)
Lower Boundary This unit blankets the Schieland, Scruff, or Niedersachsen Groups in the Jurassic basins, where it is capped by the Chalk Group, or, in case of an inverted sequence, the Lower North Sea Group.
Distribution Widespread. Onlapping onto the Texel-IJsselmeer High (see pdf) and in the southern Netherlands. Eroded later along the inverted axes of Jurassic basins (Central Graben, Broad Fourteens Basin, Central Netherlands Basin, and West Netherlands Basins, and the Roer Valley Graben).
Age Latest Ryazanian/Valanginian to Albian. According to NAM and RGD (1980) up to earliest Cenomanian. Locally started in the earliest Ryazanian Herngreen, Smit and Wong (1991) .
Depositional Setting For most of the Rijnland Group a coastal, shallow- to fairly deep-, open-marine (littoral - outer-neritic) depositional setting is inferred. Fines and carbonates settled from suspension, and sands were transported by waves, storms, tidal and longshore currents. They were concentrated further by winnowing into coastal-barrier bars and offshore shoals.
Subdivision .
  KN Rijnland Group
  KNNS Vlieland Sandstone Formation
  KNNC Vlieland Claystone Formation
  KNGL Holland Formation
  The Vlieland Sandstone and Vlieland Claystone Fms. can be referred to informally as the Vlieland subgroup.
References See References Upper Jurassic/ Lower Cretaceous

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