Nieuwerkerk Formation

Formal (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1993).
Lithological description

Sequence of typically dark or light grey, red or variegated claystones, fine- to medium-grained sandstones and coarse- grained, thick-bedded sandstones. Coal/lignite beds are associated with grey claystones, and are most common in the Rodenrijs Claystone Member and the youngest occurrences of Alblasserdam Member in the Rotterdam area. Dispersed lignitic matter, siderite spherulites and concretions are common. Variegated claystones are extensively mottled. Sands occur in sheets, isolated or stacked channels.

Depositional setting

Both braided-river valley fills and meandering single-channel fills, and as crevasse-splays in a flood-plain to lower-coastal-plain setting. Fines have been laid down in an overbank setting during floods. Mottling and concretions reflect soil formation caused by fluctuating water-tables and long periods of non-deposition.

Definition of lower boundary

Unconformably overlies the Altena Group. Especially along the southern margin of the West Netherlands Basin, it rests on deposits of Triassic or older age.

Definition of upper boundary

The Rijnland Group typically onlaps onto this formation.

Thickness indication
500 - 1000 m.
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
UK: Cromer Knoll Group - Humber Group; GER: ?; BEL: -.
Generally Berriasian. Locally late Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian. Sediments of Barremian age have been found in the southern margin of the West Netherlands Basin.
Depth (thickness) AH:
1052 - 1942 m (890 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
562 - 1096 m (534 m)
Origin of name
Named after the village of Nieuwerkerk in the province of Zuid-Holland.
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Sander Houben (2017).
Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P. 1993. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands; revision and update by RGD and NOGEPA, Section G, Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst, 50, 1-80..
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