Would you like to know more about REGIS II?

More information on the construction of REGIS II, the applications of the model, the classifications, the reliability and its uncertainties, and the limitations of the model is provided in various reports and publications.

Flyer REGIS II (PDF, 401 kB) (Dutch only) – Hydrogeological model of the onshore Netherlands territory.
Short explanation on the construction of the model, the model results, the areas of application and the uncertainties of the model.

Van Gidslaag naar Hydrogeologische Eenheid (PDF, 16,4 MB) (Dutch only)
TNO report (in Dutch) that describes the method and backgrounds of the hydrogeological mapping of REGIS II.

Caveats relating to REGIS II (PDF, 5,57 MB) (Dutch only)
Records of points in REGIS II that have been questioned by professional users.

Summary tabel of the model units of REGIS II (PDF, 664 kB) (Dutch only)

Nomenclator Ondiep (Dutch only)
Description of the lithostratigraphical units in the Dutch Subsurface.

Reports of REGIS Zeeland (ZIP, 369 MB) (Dutch only)
The zip file contains four reports of the REGIS mapping (1998 – 2010) of the province of Zeeland:

  1. Digital elevation model;
  2. Hydrogeological framework and hydraulic properties of Holocene deposits (For more recent information see the GeoTOP-model.);
  3. Fresh salt interface;
  4. Hydraulic head distribution.