BRO Geomorphological map

The Geomorphological map is part of the BRO (Subsurface Key Register). The Geomorphological map of The Netherlands is a unique product: The Netherlands are the only country in the world with a country-wide and detailed geomorphological map. Not only does the map deliver information about relief, genesis and age, but also additional information is given about deviating geological depositions in the topsoil and eventual special characteristics in the relief. In addition, descriptions are made if a landform is under the influence of active geomorphological processes like drifting coastal and continental dunes and like sedimentations and erosion along the larger rivers and on tidal muds. Owing to the availability of the “Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland (AHN)”, the Dutch digital height map, the landscape can be better and better interpreted and boundaries between the various geomorphological units can be established more accurately.

Application and quality

The country-wide, digital version is a polygons file in which per surface information is included about relief, genesis and age using a descriptive code containing a number followed by a letter and a number again. The scale is 1:50.000. Further actualisation and detailing is continuously being realised. The Geomorphological map is used, for instance, to derive guide models that provide a trade perspective for climate-resilient spacial development. More specifically, this means that guide models accentuate the importance of soil and subsurface, structure the development process and provide suggestions for actual special measures. For archaeology the map provides information about the change of archaeological remains either or not affected by cultivation and digging. And, in conclusion, the map plays an important part in research and education.


Download the documents concerning the BRO Geomorfological map (ZIP in Dutch - 6.18 MB).

Current and earlier versions

The Geomorphological map is continuously updated and improved. In the module Subsurface models, the most recent version of the Geomorphological map is available. Earlier versions can be requested at Wageningen Environmental Research (in Dutch).

Geomorphological legend

More information about the Geomorphological map can be found in the Geomorphological legend (Dutch only). This legend is provided by Wageningen Environmental Research.


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