Some borehole logs are confidential. These logs are put at the disposal of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands by the source holder, for the exclusive purpose of constructing subsurface models. Confidential data are not provided via DINOloket. Three levels of confidentiality are distinguished:

  1. The location is confidential. It is not visible in DINOloket. The borehole log may not be ordered through DINOloket.
  2. The location is public but the lithological description is confidential. The location is visible in DINOloket, but the borehole log may not be ordered.
  3. The location and the lithological description are public, but the lithostratigraphic interpretation is confidential. In this case, the borehole log may be ordered through DINOloket, but the related lithostratigraphic interpretation will not be included.