Explanatory notes on data

DINO is the central database containing data of the Dutch subsurface and is maintained by TNO. The database not only contains data but in addition its related and deduced information. Notably, much of the data has been submitted by companies, government authorities and the general public. The oldest records date back to the 19th century. Regularly, new data is added. The data is, amongst other things, used for safety, sustainability, mining, drinking water, and construction projects. Sharing this data through the DINOloket helps refine our understanding of the Dutch subsurface.

Free or at cost price

Via the DINOloket, public data in the database are made available to everyone and can be requested free of charge. Only in the case where additional handling is required to supply data, a charge is administered. For example, when information cannot be supplied online. You will be notified prior to data being provided if this is applicable. If DINOloket can not supply the data you want to have, please contact us. We may be able to help you, for example by making a specific query.

Quality, accuracy and liability

It is important to bear in mind that companies, government authorities and the general public who submit data to the DINOloket are and will continue to be responsible for its quality. This also applies to historical data, of which the source sometimes cannot be traced. Prior to incorporating data into the database, TNO checks whether data submitted complies with the submission specifications.

The nature of geological data inherently means that data can never completely be termed correct. TNO would like to remind the user that the data and its interpretations can and will contain errors. We advise users to check the data that has been made available, prior to use, and judge for themselves whether the data is suitable for the desired application.

TNO cannot guarantee the quality and the usability of the data. In addition, TNO is not liable for any damage that is caused by distribution or use of the data and information from the DINOloket.

Notifying incorrectness

Have you noticed an error in the data or interpretation? Please report this by emailing support@geologicalsurvey.nl or info@nlog.nl. We will analyze the error and where necessary inform the data supplier. By doing so, we can together ensure optimal use of the DINOloket.

Want to know more?

Explanations of individual datatypes can be found using the links on the left-hand side of the page. For additional information regarding the use of the data we would like to refer you to our Terms and Conditions and the disclaimer at the bottom of our homepage.