The SubsurfaceViewer visualises the geometry and properties as estimated in the models, using maps, borehole logs, cross-sections and full 3D views of the subsurface of the Netherlands.


The SubsurfaceViewer has been developed for TNO by the German firm INSIGHT Software Systems GmbH ( When SubsurfaceViewer files are requested via DINOloket, the installer of the program and the manual are always included. The model data of GeoTOP, DGM and REGIS II can be viewed in the SubsurfaceViewer. Further information about the operation and the software can be found in the Handleiding SubsurfaceViewer 3D (TNO, 2020, Dutch) that also is provided with the software.

Screenshot taken from the SubsurfaceViewer with GeoTOP


The software of the SubsurfaceViewer makes high demands to the hardware of the PC or laptop. The graphics card must at least support Open Library (Open GL. 1.2).

Files to be used in the SubsurfaceViewer can only be delivered in predefined map sheets, following the TOP50grid of The extradited zips contain .svp files and for GeoTOP also the voxelmodel in ASCII format.

For REGIS II  the .svp files also include DGM. In the viewer you can switch between the two models.


The SubsurfaceViewer itself and the .svp files can be selected in Step 2. Once you have selected your area of interest on the map DINOloket automatically provides the map sheets covered by this area.