Delivery format

Geo-electric research delivery format and use

Each data unit is completed by a “;”. If certain information is not known (such as who performed the measurement), then only a “;” appears on a line.
Decimals are shown by a point “.”.
Figures that belong together (such as electrode distance, voltage, strength of current and apparent resistance) are separated by a semi-colon “;” and appear on the same line. If a certain value is unknown (such as strength of current), then it is left blank (two consecutive semi-colons).

Gebruikte afkortingen:

a Distance between the 2 electrodes that are closest together (usually between the potential electrodes) [m]
L/2 Half of the distance between the outermost electrodes of the measurement set-up [m]
V The measured potential difference [mV]
I The strength of current used [mA]
R The calculated apparent electric resistance [Ohm-m]
SP The Spontaneous Potential [mV]
above Depth of the top of the interpreted layer [in m]
below Depth of the base of the interpreted layer [in m]
Rs The geo-electric resistance of the interpreted layer [Ohm-m]


Lithological codes used:

code lithology
K clay
KZX sandy clay
VKX clayey peat
KHX peaty clay
V peat
L loam
ZK clayey sand
Z sand
ZGX gravelly sand
GZX sandy gravel
G gravel
GES solid rock