Z1 Fringe Carbonate Member

Formal (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1994).
Lithological description

Grey to brownish limestone or dolomite; some anhydrite may be present in the unit. On wireline logs it often shows a blocky appearance. Some claystone beds occur in the unit. On the Peel Block, in adjacent parts of Germany and possibly elsewhere small bryozoan build ups have been encountered on structural highs (Geluk, 2000, 2007; Geluk & Röhling 2016).

Depositional setting

Shallow marine, carbonate slope.

Definition of lower boundary

Not yet determined.

Definition of upper boundary

The Z1 Fringe Carbonate Member is overlain by either the Z1 Middle Claystone or the Z1 Fringe Sandstone members.

Thickness indication
Up to 127 m.
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
UK: ?; GER: ?; BEL: Z1 Fringe Carbonate Member.
early Wuchiapingian.
Depth (thickness) AH:
2840 - 2847 m (7 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
4549 - 4576 m (27 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
3862 - 3867 m (5 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
2040 - 2061 m (21 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
1765 - 1788 m (23 m)
Origin of name
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Mark Geluk (2017).
Geluk, M.C. 2000. Late Permian (Zechstein) carbonate-facies maps, the Netherlands. Geologie en Mijnbouw/Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 79, 17-27.
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Geluk, M.-C. & Röhling, H.-G. 2016. A tectono-stratigraphic model for the depositional history and basin development of the Permian – Early Triassic at the southern margin of the Southern Permian Basin (The Netherlands and adjacent parts of Belgium and Germany). Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss. (German J. Geol.), 167 (2/3), 149–166.
Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P. 1994. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands; revision and update by RGD and NOGEPA, Section D, Permian. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst, 50, 1-42.
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TNO-GDN ([YEAR]). Z1 Fringe Carbonate Member. In: Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Netherlands, TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands. Accessed on [DATE] from https://www.dinoloket.nl/en/stratigraphic-nomenclature/z1-fringe-carbonate-member.