Now also available via DINOloket: ‘Delfstoffen Informatie Systeem’

The ‘Delfstoffen Informatie Systeem’ (DIS) is a policy and decision supporting model, which enables a sustainable development of the North Sea and coastal area. It is a regional model that provides insight into the quantity and quality of the available sand resources. It gives an indication of the depth to which sand can be extracted, as well as whether there are peat and clay layers in the soil and how much silt is present in the sand. The DIS also gives an indication where coarse sand and fine sand can be found.

Do you want to know more about DIS or have a look at DIS? You can find DIS (Dutch) on the homepage of DINOloket under 'Direct to' or read more on the site of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands about sand supply (Dutch).