Old Red Group

Formal (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1994; Cameron 1993a; Cameron 1993b).
Lithological description

Sandstones, siltstones and claystones with minor thin dolomite intercalations in the lower part. Red and red-brown colours prevail in the fine-grained intervals in most of the group. Felsic volcanic extrusives occur in the lower and middle part.

Depositional setting

Continental setting. The sandstones and red and grey claystones are fluvial-channel and floodplain deposits. The grey, dolomitic claystones suggest deposition in limnic conditions. Active felsic volcanism occurred locally.

Definition of lower boundary

Rests unconformably on the Caledonian basement of the Elbow Spit High. In well A17-01 this basement consists of a grey and pinkish, very coarse-crystalline granite.

Definition of upper boundary

Overlain conformably by the Farne Group, which is characterized by the occurrence of limestone beds. Locally the group is overlain unconformably by younger formations (Rotliegend to Chalk groups) as a result of severe later erosion.

Thickness indication
Up to 929 m in A17-01.
Geographical distribution
Only a few wells in the Netherlands have reached the Old Red Group, so little information is available on its areal distribution. Regional studies, however, indicate that this group has a wide distribution in the central and northern North Sea area (Cameron 1993a; Cameron 1993b).
Regional correlation
UK: can be equated largely to the Upper Old Red Group; GER: ?; BEL: ?
Givetian - Tournaisian.
Depth (thickness) AH:
2084 - 3013 m (929 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
2755 - 3200 m (445 m)
Origin of name
Named after the continental Devonian deposits, known in the UK as Old Red Sandstone.
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Tom van Hoof (2017).
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