Friese Front Formation

Formal (Van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe 1993). Amended (Munsterman et al. 2012).
Lithological description

Alternating claystones, siltstones, sandstones and some minor coal. The siltstones and claystones are generally grey or variegated and become increasingly reddish-mottled towards the south in the L blocks. Siderite spherulites and concretions are common. Several intervals of dark-grey to black silty, carbonaceous, fossiliferous claystone with intercalated calcareous beds can be encountered in the formation.

Depositional setting

Non-marine (coastal) delta plain to lagoonal deposits.

Definition of lower boundary

Unconformably on the marine claystones and carbonates of the Altena Group or on older Triassic or Permian units.

Definition of upper boundary

Normally conformably overlain by the Skylge Formation. The Rijnland Group or the Scruff Greensand Formation occasionally rest unconformably on this formation if a prominent Late Kimmerian II unconformity is developed.

Thickness indication
Generally less than 170 m, but up to 482 m in F18-10-S2.
Geographical distribution
Regional correlation
UK: Humber Group; GER: ?; BEL: -.
late Callovian - early Tithonian.
Depth (thickness) AH:
2440 - 2734 m (294 m)
Depth (thickness) AH:
2542 - 2990 m (448 m)
Origin of name
Named after the Friese Front, a fisherman’s name for a shallower area north of the Wadden Islands, near the type locality.
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Sander Houben (2017).
Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P. 1993. Stratigraphic nomenclature of The Netherlands; revision and update by RGD and NOGEPA, Section G, Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst, 50, 1-80..
Munsterman, D.K., Verreussel, R.M.C.H., Mijnlieff, H.F., Witmans, N., Kerstholt-Boegehold, S. & Abbink, O.A. 2012. Revision and update of the Callovian-Ryazanian Stratigraphic Nomenclature in the northern Dutch Offshore, i.e. Central Graben Subgroup and Scruff Group. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences-Geologie en Mijnbouw, 91 (4), 555-590.
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