Vaals Formation

Formal (Felder 1975). Amended (Felder & Bosch 2000).
Lithological description

Cyclic alternation of glauconitic greensands and clayey sandstones.

Depositional setting

Shallow marine environment.

Definition of lower boundary

Nature of the contact with the underlying Aachen Formation remains unclear. On the Peel Block the formation rests upon the Oploo Formation.

Definition of upper boundary

Nature of the contact with the overlying Gulpen Formation is locally unconformable.

Thickness indication
Up to 150 m.
Geographical distribution
South of the Heerlerheide Fault and on the Peel Block.
Regional correlation
UK: Jukes Formation (offshore); GER: Vaals Formation; BEL: Vaals Formation.
Vaalserberg area (no well)
Depth (thickness) AH:
The type area is situated in the surroundings of the Vaalserberg, around the place where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet.
Origin of name
Named after the town of Vaals.
Previous name(s)
Reviewed by (date)
Mark Geluk, Geert-Jan Vis (2017).
Felder, W.M. 1975. Lithostratigrafie van het Boven‑Krijt en het Dano‑Montien in Zuid‑Limburg en het aangrenzende gebied. In: Zagwijn, W.H. & Van Staalduinen C.J. (eds.), Toelichting bij geologische overzichtskaarten van Nederland, Rijks Geologische Dienst, Haarlem, 63‑72.
Felder, W.N. & Bosch, P.W. 2000. Het Krijt van Zuid-Limburg. NITG-TNO, Geologie van Nederland 5, 190 p.
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