Web services for subsurface data and models: also for 3D

On DINOloket, it is possible to view and download subsurface data and subsurface models. Less well known is that there are also various web services. Therefore these have been given a more prominent place in the menu. Also new are the BRO 3D web services.

Using the main navigation, it is possible to go to the overview of the various web services offered from the Geological Survey of the Netherlands. One specific type of web service is new: the BRO 3D web services. These BRO 3D web services have been developed by the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, part of TNO, together with ESRI, the Kadaster and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

New: BRO 3D web services

With the development of the 3D web services for the Dutch Key Registry of the Subsurface, the subsurface directly can be used in a GIS system. This saves an enormous amount of time and technical operations. This makes the subsurface even more accessible. This is an important milestone in the application possibilities of 3D geodata.

Now the first BRO 3D web services are ready for use and can be viewed in an ordinary internet browser and in GIS software systems that support the OGC standard I3S, such as ArcGIS online. Depending on the application, several functionalities are available. More information can be found on the portal of the BRO 3D web services (Dutch).

Impression of BRO 3D view with combination subsurface and buildings