New release of DGM-deep via DINOloket including offshore

GDM deep release

DGM-deep v5.0 is the latest release of the Digital Geological Model of the deep subsurface of the Netherlands. DGM-deep aims at providing a regional geological understanding of the build-up of the deep subsurface of the Netherlands.

This version now includes the offshore, besides an updated version of the onshore .

DGM-deep is a stacked grid model. Layers were modelled with 250x250 meter grid resolution and consist of thirteen geological horizons ranging from the Carboniferous to the Neogene. The model is based on interpretations of publicly available 2D and 3D seismic survey data, combined with a variety of well data. The interpreted seismic horizons are the bases of lithostratigraphic units, which are defined in the Stratigraphic nomenclature of the Netherlands

In the DINOloket model viewer DGM-deep v5.0 can be examined in map view and custom cross-sections. Via the freely available SubsurfaceViewer the model can be visualised in 3D. For more information read the general information and details of the model. Select and download the model here or consult NLOG for current and previous versions and underlying data.