Delivering groundwater monitoring data

Is it worth it?

By sharing your data of the subsurface, like data of groundwater monitoring data, you contribute in a meaningful way to new developments. Reliable information and expertise of the subsurface contribute to lesser costs of failure for the community in various construction projects, to safer constructions and to a sustainable future. If together we give the subsurface the attention it deserves, we could benefit now and in the future. Therefore, a lot of effort is put in the realisation of the Dutch National Key Registry of the Subsurface (Basisregistratie Ondergrond, BRO).

BRO: what does that mean for groundwater monitoring data?

Due to the BRO, delivery of data to DINO has changed. It could be that from now on you are - obligated by law to register certain data in  the BRO, like data of groundwater monitoring data. Read more about this on Therefore, registration  groundwater monitoring data in DINO will be terminated at 1 January 2021. You can read more about it in this news item (in Dutch).