Need a quick look at the subsurface? Discover the new bèta environment

Step by step, we are improving the way you can view and download subsurface data on DINOloket.

For example, user interaction has been improved, menus are displayed differently and you can drag them, as well as clicking through more easily. Furthermore, data visualisations have been improved and the ordering method has been simplified.

Incidentally, much more has been done at the back end. The source code has been set up as a public REST API service. This makes it easier for us to improve the portals in the future. The performance is easier to scale up and so there are other advantages. On our backlog are a search function, GIS stack update and handy short-cuts.

Do you also have wishes or want to share your experience? We'd love to hear from you. Please contact the Service Desk! In the first quarter of 2024, this bèta version will go live. After that, the bèta environment will remain active to test future improvements. So be sure to let us hear what you think of it.

Impression of DINOloket beta environment for subsurface data