Z4 Salt Member ZEZ4H

Type sectionLocation mapSee figure (pdf)
WellRossum-Weerselo-3 (pdf)
LocationN 52°21’03.5
E 06°54’38.2
Depth1235 to 1238 m
Length3 m along hole
Reference NAM and RGD (1980)
Additional sectionLocation mapSee figure (pdf)
WellDrouwenerveen-Zuideind-1 (pdf)
LocationN 53°57’41.7”
E 06°52’16.9
Depth4036 to 4088.5 m
Length52.5 m along hole
WellUithuizermeeden-1 (pdf)
LocationN 53°26’58.9
E 06°48’29.2
Depth2194 to 2246 m
Length52 m along hole
Reference.(amended after NAM and RGD, 1980)
DefinitionWhere it is fully developed, the Z4 Salt Member consists of relatively pure halite in its lower part, capped by a potassium-magnesium-rich salt layer. This succession is overlain by two claystone beds, separated by rock salt. Only where the member is complete, the presence of a fifth evaporite cycle (ZEZ5) can be expected. Locally the Z4 Salt Member is overlain by a thin, recessive anhydrite, which may be called the Z4 Upper Anhydrite member (ZEZ4T). Because of its limited distribution, an informal status has been assigned to it.
References See References Permian

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