Rodenrijs Claystone Member SLDNR


Premise Member defined by van Adrichem Boogaert & Kouwe (1993).
  Can roughly be equated with the ’Lower Valanginian’ of Sung (1955) and Haanstra (1963) .
Derivatio nominis Named after the village of Rodenrijs near Rotterdam.
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Monster-2 (pdf)
  Location N 52°01’56.9
E 04°10’35.1
  Depth 2178 to 2224 m
  Length 46 m along hole
Additional section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Woubrugge-1 (pdf)
  Location N 52°09’49.6
E 04°33’34.2
  Depth 562 to 674 m
  Length 112 m along hole
Definition Medium- to dark-grey, silty to sandy lignitic claystones with common laminated or contorted bedding, and lignite/coal beds. Locally mollusc shells are present. Siderite spherulites and concretions are common. The member shows a characteristic serrate pattern on wireline logs.
Upper Boundary In the type area the member is unconformably overlain by the Rijswijk Member of the Vlieland Sandstone Formation
Lower Boundary The Rodenrijs Member conformably overlies the massive fluvial sands of the Delft Sandstone Member, or rarely flood-plain sand/claystone alternation of the Alblasserdam Member of the Nieuwerkerk Formation (e.g. well Berkel Schiebroek-2), into which it grades towards the south-east.
Distribution Western and central parts of the West Netherlands Basin. Some occurrences of Vlieland Sandstone Formation in Q07-Q14 (Rijswijk Member and Rijn Member) and the Broad Fourteens Basin (Helder Member) are a shallow marine lateral equivalent.
Age Late Valanginian to Early Hauterivian. The age assess-ment is based on sporomorphs. Assemblages are characterised by the incoming of species belonging to the Trilobosporites bernissartensis group.
Depositional Setting A lower-coastal-plain to lagoonal depositional environment is inferred.
Sequence Stratigraphy Sequence LZB 2.2-2.5, Maximum Flooding to Early Highstand systems tracts. Of sequence LZB 2.2 only the third subsequence is represented.
References See References Upper Jurassic/ Lower Cretaceous

Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P., 1993-1997. [Stratigraphic unit]. In: Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Netherlands.
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