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Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well L02-01 (pdf)
  Location N 53°57’14.0
E 04°30’47.0
  Depth 3076 to 3247 m
  Length 171 m along hole
Additional section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well K14-01 (pdf)
  Location N 53°17’15.2
E 03°37’07.3
  Depth 1703 to 1738 m
  Length 35 m along hole
  Reference NAM and RGD (1980)
  Well Emmen-7 (pdf)
  Location N 52°46’56.6
E 06°50’37.4
  Depth 1641 to 1670 m
  Length 29 m along hole
Definition This unit consists mainly of halites, alternating with anhydrites and grey, anhydritic claystones in basinal settings, notably in the Central Graben, the northern part of the Off Holland Low and the Ems Low. The halites disappear towards the basin margin. In places, anhydrite is almost absent (e.g. well K14-01).
References See References Triassic

Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P., 1993-1997. [Stratigraphic unit]. In: Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Netherlands.
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