Lower Slochteren Member ROSLL


Premise Originally defined by van Adrichem Boogaert (1976) .
Derivatio nominis The name reflects the stratigraphic position of the member, stratigraphically below the Ameland Member of the Silverpit Formation.
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Uithuizermeeden-1 (pdf)
  Location N 53°26’58.9
E 06°48’29.2
  Depth 3058 to 3167 m
  Length 109 m along hole
  Reference (NAM and RGD (1980) );
Additional section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well K06-01 (pdf)
  Location N 53°48’58.9
E 03°59’03.5
  Depth 3634.5 to 3685 m
  Length 50.5 m along hole
  Reference (amended after NAM and RGD (1980) )
Definition Sandstone-dominated succession, locally (e.g. Groningen area) containing a considerable proportion of intercalated conglomerates. Sandstones can be either free of matrix, showing parallel lamination or large-scale cross-stratification and bimodal sorting, or contain significant amounts of argillaceous matrix, in which case they are moderately to poorly sorted, often trough-cross-bedded, with frequent fluidisation features and (intra- or extraclastic) pebbles.
Upper Boundary The unit is overlain by the red-brown claystones of the Ameland Member of the Silverpit Formation in the transition zone. In the centre of the basin the Lower Slochteren Member is overlain conformably by the Lower Silverpit Member.
Lower Boundary The member unconformably overlies the Limburg Group (or possibly volcanics of the Lower Rotliegend Group). In the area of Ameland and Terschelling it conformably overlies a tongue of the Silverpit Formation (Hollum Member).
Correlation Towards the margins of the basin (e.g. Slochteren-4) the member becomes part of the main Slochteren Formation. Towards the centre of the basin the unit gradually shales out into the Silverpit Formation. The Hollum, Buren and Ameland Members of that formation are partial lateral equivalents.
Distribution The member is restricted to the transition zone between the basin-centre and the basin-fringe areas of the Southern Permian Basin. In the basin centre it is often absent, or limited to a very thin bed. In the area around the islands of Ameland and Terschelling, the member may be absent.
References See References Permian

Van Adrichem Boogaert, H.A. & Kouwe, W.F.P., 1993-1997. [Stratigraphic unit]. In: Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Netherlands.
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