Grey Salt Clay Member ZEZ3G

Type sectionLocation mapSee figure (pdf)
WellRossum-Weerselo-3 (pdf)
LocationN 52°21’03.5
E 06°54’38.2
Depth1327 to 1331 m
Length4 m along hole
ReferenceNAM and RGD (1980)
Additional sectionLocation mapSee figure (pdf)
WellUithuizermeeden-1 (pdf)
LocationN 53°26’58.9
E 06°48’29.2
Depth2547 to 2548 m
Length1 m along hole
Reference\NAM and RGD (1980) .
WellP09-01A (pdf)
LocationN 52°32’19.4
E 03°44’52.2
Depth4435 to 4437 m
Length2 m along hole
WellQ16-02 (pdf)
Location(N 52°07’05.3
E 04°07’15.3
Depth3834 to 3836 m
Length2 m along hole
Well Buurmalsen-1 (pdf)
LocationN 51°54’18.7
E 05°18’49.2
Depth1989 to 1992 m
Length3 m along hole
DefinitionThe Grey Salt Clay is a grey claystone with a high gamma-ray response and corresponding low velocities on the sonic log. It is very suitable for regional correlation purposes, and can be traced into the fringe area. Its thickness is generally restricted to several metres.
References See References Permian

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