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More information on the construction of the layer model, the applications of the model, the classifications used, the model’s reliability, its uncertainties and the caveats relating to its use is provided in various reports and publications. A general overall explanation of the main steps in constructing the DGM and of the available model results is presented in the paper by Gunnink et al. 2013.

Paper by Gunnink et al. 2013 (PDF, 2,99 MB), NJG.
Explanation of the construction of DGM, the model results and the fields of application.

Shallow subsurface nomenclature (Dutch only)
Online description of the lithostratigraphic units discerned in the shallow subsurface of the Netherlands.

Summary table of the lithostratigraphic units (PDF, 61 kB) (Dutch only)

Outline of the model units in DGM (PDF, 23 kB) (Dutch only)
Legend for the visualisations used in the subsurface models module. How to save the visualisations is explained in the FAQ.

Caveats relating to DGM (PDF, 1,28 MB) (Dutch only)
Records of points in DGM that have been questioned by professional users.


De ondergrond van Nederland. Geologie van Nederland, deel 7, 2003. E.F.J. de Mulder, M.C. Geluk, I. Ritsema, W.E. Westerhoff en Th.E. Wong