Subsurface models

Where do I find information about the reliability of the models?

As soon as you select ‘Subsurface models’ on the home page (green area) ), an additional tab ‘Explanation’ is shown on which information can be found about the models.

Are the data from older models still available?

A soon as a new release of one of our models is made available, the newest version is used in DINOloket. Do you want to request an older version of a model? That is possible. Send an email with your request to our Service desk:

Why do I get more model data files delivered if I select a part of a province or a water board?

ArcGIS files of DGM and REGIS II can only be delivered as zip file of a entire province or water board. You receive the provinces or water boards that are part of area you selected. ArcGIS file of GeoTOP and DGMdeep always contain the full coverage area, independent of the selection made. For SubsurfaceViewer files also the entire coverage area of DGMdeep is deliverd, but for the other models (DGM, REGIS II and GeoTOP) only the tiles included in the selection are included.

Where can I make cross-sections through models?

Cross-sections though models can be created in the module Subsurface models.

Where do I find borehole logs of DGM, DGMdeep, REGIS II and GeoTOP?

Borehole logs that were created during the construction of DGM, DGMdeep, REGIS II and GeoTOP can be viewed and requested in the module Subsurface models.

Where do I find the models?

The current versions of the subsurface models DGM, DGMdeep, REGIS II and GeoTOP are available in DINOloket.
The models can be viewed and requested in the module Subsurface models. In Explanation the models and the visualisations in DINOloket are briefly explained. Other models (like NL3D) and products derived from the models are available via (in Dutch).