Subsurface data

How can I view a groundwater level diagram?

Make sure that in module Subsurface data the data type ‘Well with research data (DINO)’ is visible on the map. Clicking a specific well on the map using the mouse opens a screen with detail information of that object. The main characteristics are shown here. If groundwater level monitoring is done for the well, than the pipes are listed under ‘Monitoring pipes with series of groundwater levels’ (see image). By clicking on the pipe number, i.e. the code in column ‘Id’, a diagram of the groundwater level monitoring with that pipe is shown. Be aware that not for all wells groundwater level monitoring is available.

Why can’t I open all borehole .GEF file in the GEFPlotTool?

It is possible that the GEFPlotTool produces an error message. This may happen, for example, if the gef file belongs to a image file (.tiff) that was included in the delivery. Such gef file does not contain information for the GEFPlotTool to plot as a curve. For more information on the GEFPlotTool, click here.
An alternative is available with which gef files of drilling scan be opened: Boris & Profiler (in Dutch).