Where do I find background information about the data in DINOloket?

After ‘Subsurface data’ or ‘Surbsurface models’ has been chosen on the home page (green area), an additional tab ‘Explanation’ is shown which you can use to find information about the data types or models.

I am not able to obtain the data I want from DINOloket. Is it possible, for example, to request a specific query?

Using the interactive map and the diverse search functions on DINOloket, you could retrieve and view much data. In addition, you could request these, without our interference and without cost, for use in your own software. Are you not able to fulfil your demand for data, do not hesitate to contact us. Possibly we can help you, for example by performing a specific query. Be aware, such a request is not part of our standard service. Cost will be charged. In that case, you will be informed and presented with a bid in which we offer our services at cost price.

How can I search in the map?

Searching in the map is can be done by clicking the button with the magnifying glass on the left of the map screen. Then it is possible to specifically go to a particular object via the identification code, an address (municipality, city, street address), a province, a water board, or a specific point via X- and Y-coordinates.
In addition, several ways are available to navigate in the map:

  • By scrolling with the mouse wheel you could zoom in and out
  • By keeping the left mouse button pressed and moving over the map you could shift the map
  • By pressing SHIFT + left mouse button and drawing a square on the map this area will be zoomed in

How can I save visualised data?

Visualisations viewable in the module Subsurface data can be saved as png file (image) and in the module Subsurface models as pdf files by using the ‘Save’ button in the visualisation screen.

Do I need a user account to request data?

No, you don’t need a user account to view and request data using DINOloket. In completing your request you only need to fill an email address on which you would like to receive the files and the code shown on the screen.