Emmen Volcanic Formation RVVE


Premise Unit, defined by Van Adrichem Boogaert and Kouwe (1994).
Derivatio nominis Named after the town of Emmen in the east of the province of Drenthe.
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Emmercompascuum-1 (pdf)
  Location N 52°48’09.9
E 07°03’52.4
  Depth 3935 to 4014 m
  Length 79 m along hole
Definition Sequence of variegated, red-brown to green, spilitic, basaltic volcanics and grey-brown to red-brown mudstones. In the type section a number of discrete lava flows can be distinguished as high sonic velocity and resistivity intervals with relatively high gamma ray readings. Other wells yield a more massive lava sequence, probably consisting of stacked flows.
Upper Boundary The upper boundary is placed at the top of the uppermost volcanic bed. In the Netherlands the formation is observed to be disconformably overlain by the basal beds of the Zechstein Group, but it is possible that in places it is overlain by red sandstones and mudstones belonging to the Upper Rotliegend Group, a situation similar to that in the adjacent area in Germany.
Lower Boundary The lower boundary is marked by the first occurrence of volcanic rocks, resting either disconformably on red or grey claystones and sandstones of the Limburg Group, or conformably on similar rocks of Basal Rotliegend clastics. The latter situation has not yet been established in the Netherlands.
Distribution The Emmen Volcanic Formation in the Netherlands is restricted to an area in the southeastern part of the province of Groningen and the northeastern part of the province of Drenthe. This occurrence is a small lobe associated with a more extensive development in the Ems Low.
Age Most likely Autunian.
Depositional Setting The unit was formed by various consecutive, basaltic lava flows, poured out into an area of sparse, ephemeral fluvial sedimentation under arid to semi-arid conditions.
References See References Permian

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