Bosscheveld Formation OBBS


Premise Informal unit, defined by Van Adrichem Boogaert and Kouwe (1994).
Derivatio nominis Named after the Bosscheveld quarter of the town of Maastricht in the province of Limburg, where the well Kastanjelaan-2 (see pdf) was drilled Bless et al (1981) .
Type section Location map See figure (pdf)
  Well Kastanjelaan-2 (pdf)
  Location N 50°51’25.1
E 03°40’50.9
  Depth 382 to 500.5 m
  Length 118.5 m along hole
Definition Formation consisting of interbedded dark-grey, partly calcareous mudstones, fine-grained sandstones and limestones, often nodular. Locally, red colours occur.
Upper Boundary The top of the unit has been placed at the base of the thick, massive carbonates of the Zeeland Formation.
Lower Boundary The lower boundary is not well documented. It should be placed at the contact with the underlying, more monotonous mudstones of the Bollen claystone. The final depth of well Kastanjelaan-2 (see pdf) may be close to this boundary.
Distribution The Bosscheveld formation is a transitional unit between the Frasnian-Famennian clastics and the Dinantian carbonates, which is only locally developed. In many places close to the edge of the basin the uppermost Devonian and the lowermost Carboniferous deposits are missing (pers. comm. Mr. M. Dusar).
Age Famennian to early Tournaisian (early Courceyan). Biomarkers for Kastanjelaan-2 listed by Bless (1981) include the diagnostic miospores Aneurospora greggsii, Raistrickia variabilis, Spelaeotriletes lepidophytus and Retusotriletes incohatus, and the foramifers Umbellina (simple form), Diplosphaerina and Earlandia
Depositional Setting The Bosscheveld formation is a shallow marine sediment, deposited in a sheltered, low-energy environment. Occasional emergence may have occurred. The unit appears to be a rather condensed sequence.
References See References Devonian and Lower Carboniferous

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